Search Engine Optimisation

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Search engine optimisation is the process of increasing visibility of a website in the search results. SEO is one of the best return on investments across all media channels.

Mastery Websites’ approach uses white hat seo strategies, adhering to Google’s webmaster guidelines. Regular reports are provided detailing activities that have been conducted, rankings updates as well as conversions updates.

SEO is never a set and forget task. SEO is a long term process and usually takes at least 4 to 6 months of ongoing SEO efforts to see the best results.

Our Approach

Website Audit

Your website is checked to ensure it uses best practices, that adheres to Googles Webmaster Guidelines. Often websites require changes or additional content to obtain best results.

Competitive Analysis

Your competitors are analysed to evaluate how competitive the niche is. Competitor analysis can also inform the best SEO strategy for your own website.

Keyword Research

The best keywords are researched to optimise your website. The goal is to find keywords that are the lowest competition but receives the most volume, that is targeted to your audience.

Content Strategy

An effective Content Strategy creates many opportunities to stand out from your competitors from the point of view of the search engine algorithm.

Onpage Optimisation

The entire website is optimised to ensure that every page has the best chance for appear for its most important keywords. This includes content as well as technical optimisation.

Link Building

Links are built from other websites to show search engines that your website wins the “popularly vote” and thus helps your website rank better in search results.


Analytics are used to track results and ensure that you are meeting your expected targets. Conversions are setup and important metrics are tracked.

White Hat SEO

Only the best practices are used, which adhere to Google’s Webmaster Guidelines, using organic and white hat practices and techniques that Google recommends.
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